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    The Nice Table?!?

    Having worked front of house for much of my career, I’ve noticed how much less direct contact we have with clients these days. With the rise & rise of online booking…

  • Photography

    Urbano Networking at Gaucho

    There is nothing like a solid networking event. Exploring opportunities with new contacts whilst enjoying some seriously good meat from Argentina. As if that wasn’t enough, the setting for Urbano‘s latest…

  • Marketing Photography

    Photography for Spelzini

    Spelzini is our newest client, with us leading on all things marketing and communications. First up was some principal photography for participation in London Wine Week, with more shoots scheduled to…

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    Social Media: Is Twitter dead?

    Having worked in marketing well before the delights of social media, I can say that restaurants and bars survived just fine. Although that’s the case, people’s behaviours have changed. We mindlessy…