Keeping Busy

So, we thought we would break it down a little bit more for you – so you know exactly how we can help you.

This is general, from creating individual campaigns to working on an annual calendar of events (which we can prepare for you). Digital is key too with e-communications, SEO blogs, guidance on collateral (online and print). Participation in key events, collaboration with likeminded brand and of course, key partnerships.

Social Media
Content creation and curation. We can manage your feeds with content we have prepared for you according to your brands activity, including photography and implementing fun ways to encourage growth and engagement.

Food and drink photography for print, online and social use. This can be generic or geared towards those special occasions you want to promote such as Valentines, Masterclasses, Events, Christmas etc.

Blogger Events
Do you have something to say about your brand? Do you want consumers to enjoy reading the story? Food and Drink bloggers are the best at doing this as they ‘speak’ like general folk. They use the power of fun posts and insta-stories to show off about where they are going, what they are doing and what they are eating and drinking. Leverage their reach, but in an interesting way. We can help pull the entire thing together and share the stats post-activity.

FAM Trips
This is a term mostly used in hotels where it originated from, as these were the sites which had the most and flexible event spaces. Now event bookers are looking at restaurants, their private dining rooms, bar spaces and much more. A fam trip is a ‘familiarisation trip’. It introduces a group of key bookers to an events space in the form of a showcase. We can organise the showcase and provide bona fide bookers with an array of events they want to book throughout the year.

Food and Drink Brand Marketing
Last but not least, similar to restaurants and bars, we can help you raise awareness for your brand. Consumer driven campaigns and events can introduce you to Joe (and Joanne) Bloggs. We can also work with Mixologists, key bar ambassadors and venues to help you with your attack on the marketplace.

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